Upon Afterthought

A few months ago, I believed that the Gallente Federation had its problems, but was still overall good and not a total wreck like some other people claim it to be. That belief is slowly fading away, when time and time again I run into Gallenteans that are completely ignorant of other ideals, governments, faiths or anything not identified as Gallentean. For now, I have simply tried to correct their false views and moved on, but today, something really, upsetting happened to me.

There is a mercenary, going by the callsign of DeadlyAztec11, saying that he is an Intaki like me. At first, I was respectful of him, he seemed a peaceful, sensible person and most of all, I wasn't all by myself as the only Intaki in the Intergalactic Summit. Then he comments that the Amarrian scriptures are an abomination. Okay, that was acceptable in my view, still has my respect. Then he babbles something about a Caldari secret facility with top-secret documents stored in a facility within Caldari Prime about some Caldari Breeding Program. My friend Yun Hee tried to correct him, only to be replied with blind ignorance. Okay, annoying, but still manageable. But then, comes this.

And that was it, I snapped. I lashed out at him and called him with the most rude and vile insults I could think of in Intaki. The amount of ignorance he showed with that post was through the roof, and the last shred of respect I had for him was lost. He is not an Intaki, he is a pawn of the Gallente, his mind filled with propaganda and false beliefs about the Federation.


I tried to be calm, I tried to make reason with him. But when he calls my corporation, and thus me terrorists with no actual evidence, that went way too far for my comfort. Yes, I may have been a bit too extreme with my replies, and on afterthought, the insults may have been too much. After all, I am pretty much the only person representing the Intaki Liberation Front on the Intergalacting Summit, and what kind of an impression do I make of our corporation when I lash out like that? It's just, I am really passionate about the corporation which I am fortunate enough to be a part of. To see my corporation insulted like that, I just can't be calm and try to resolve the matter peacefully. At least I wasn't alone defending the ILF, surprisingly an Amarrian, True Adamance was the first one to jump in to defend our corporation, and soon after that Yun Hee Ryeon also came in. I thank you both for that.

I think I'll make a correction about the ILF, and an apology for my lashing out at a later date, once I have gathered my thoughts. Sorry, everyone.

ཟར༴ཐ٦ཡཐ༴ འཤན༴བ བ༴ཏ༴མ༴ར٦ ٦ནད༴བ٦ ༴འ٦٦ད ན٦བ༴༴ٲ  


  1. Your response in this situation seem perfectly justified to me Denak. You attempted, unsuccessfully, to discover why this DeadlyAztec11 held the views he did in a calm and rational manner after your initial outburst. That True Adamance stood with you in this issue also offers to me hope that there are some Amarrians who aren't fettered by their adherence to religious dogma.

  2. I can't fault you for being disgusted and incensed by that merc's slanderous statements, but as you say, how you act or react in public reflects on the corporation and has consequences for the group as a whole.

    A lot of people exist on the Summit simply to inflame, mock, and troll others, and by reacting hotly to the accusations, you may have given this merc exactly what he wanted. In cases like this it is better to deny them their desired reaction. Walk away from the posts and return later to offer a more measured response.

    I am not too thrilled to see you disparaging your fellow corp members regarding representation on the IGS. Take care to keep in mind that all of us have a variety of responsibilities and duties and that our schedules don't align with yours. IGS is monitored by me and the Suresha, and threads will be commented on when or if appropriate to do so.

    I will have something to say in this particular...discussion...in a little while.

  3. Thank you for the correction Kaleena, I still feel ashamed about the whole quarrel. I'm starting to feel like I should withdraw from the IGS, since my presence there seems to have only damaged ILF's reputation, not to mention the multiple mistakes I have made internally which would probably warrant my discharge already.

  4. Nah. Your experiences there haven't been as bad as all that. But they're learning opportunities for sure.

    There's no need to withdraw; the IGS does have its uses from time to time, and overall I think you do quite well. Over time it'll get easier to spot the traps people like to lay for us.

    Rather than getting hot in response, try to find a way to kill 'em with kindness. If you can suck the wind out of their blustering and leave them looking foolish at the same time, you'll gain points all around. The opposition can't stand to be shamed without anything to fire back with.