Pressure Valve

That is how a friend of mine described the Empyrean War, as a pressure valve. Why would she describe it as that, as she is a fierce supporter of the Caldari? The answer she gave me was quite simple, really:

"...until the day the pressure valve is not enough, and the empires go to war for real.

At that point, the choices are essentially swift victory or an age of dust and ashes, perhaps even a new dark age as the outer powers take advantage of the empires' struggles and move in. The worst case in such a scenario is that Sansha's Nation emerges the eventual victor. It would be nice if that were unlikely, but a power that builds its forces by swallowing others' populations is a threat indeed.
...only do not say that the war is without point. This is a thing that must be, until the empires weary of rage and rhetoric and return to the wary peace of the prior century."
-- Yun Hee Ryeon

When I think about it, it is actually quite a compelling argument in my opinion. Right now, the Empyrean War doesn't really affect anything, it's an ISK farm for most capsuleers, and that is where they get the best goodies to fit their ships with, and the control these militias have over the systems is nominal at best. A few weeks later and the ownership has switched hands again.

I still firmly believe that this war should not be happening at my homeland, over Intaki and her colonies, and I will continue fight for the secession of our land, even if it is going to take an eternity to achieve. However, when I think about it, there might be more to this war than we'd think. Perhaps, it is not really meant as a war, but as a method of keeping capsuleers, and the tensions between the four empires in check. If the Empyrean War were to cease right now in its current form, what would happen?

Honestly, I do not know. But if my friend Yun Hee is correct, what would follow is a full-scale open warfare between the nations, where they put their own armies and fleets at risk, resulting in an even greater chaos and bloodshed than the current Empyrean War is causing. And if things were to go really bad, Sansha's Nation would press even harder on their incursions, with big enough of a force that the current forces fighting on these incursions would not be enough. Then things would go really, really bad.

Still, it is not right for the people living on the planets designated as the warzone to suffer the consequences of a war they had nothing to do with, especially that Intaki was one of the founding planets of the Gallente Federation in the first place. But is the war a, necessary evil to maintain the powerbalance between the empires, until a peace can be established? In any case, I hope that a peace of some sorts can be established to stop this nonsense.

ཟར༴ཐ٦ཡཐ༴ འཤན༴བ བ༴ཏ༴མ༴ར٦ ٦ནད༴བ٦ ༴འ٦٦ད ན٦བ༴༴ٲ  

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