A Farewell

It seems my past has finally caught up with me.

After being a clone soldier for nearly a year and a half, dragging through the death, pain and discomfort, it has finally become my time to leave. That also means that this blog will be shut down. I won't divulge in the specifics or reasons of my leave, all you need to know is that this blog will no longer be updated because of it.

The first entry to this blog was written on the seventh of July YC 115, nearly a year now. It has come a long way since then, enlightening the clone soldier, capsuleer and baseliner communities with ponderings and analyzing of the life of a clone soldier throughout it all. A lot has changed over this year, my corporation, my agendas and myself as a person. I've questioned my sanity, doubted my own existence, relished the madness and thought a lot about it all. 

It feels funny, thinking of how I was going to retire into Intaki V after a long and hard-earned career as a clone soldier, and turns out that dream was shattered long before I could reach it. Instead, I will  be on the run, again. Running away from a past that keeps clinging onto me like a leech.

I don't really what to do now. I might disappear into the eather and start anew, maybe restart my old career and atone for my debts. Heck, I could just off myself and be reborn, going through yet another cycle as an entirely new person. Maybe then I could get peace for myself.


In retrospect, my career has been quite a lively one. I suffered through the brutal and rigorous training you take when you first become an immortal, I've survived a manhunt on our kind by Tibus Heth, I've went on a manhunt against our kind, I've participated in the great battle crucial to Tibus Heth's fall, I've suffered through madness, self-doubt and apathy and I've most importantly lived through them all, through countless deaths and rebirths. The endless cycle.

You will probably not hear from me again, at least not through the public channels. You might hear stories from my friends, tales of my adventures. But there will be no new stories, no new adventures to go onto, no new experiences, no new things to write about. Just, running away, and hiding.

I am sad to see it all come to this, to see all my efforts went to waste, my goal of helping the Intaki people secede will never be fulfilled. But there's no bad without good. Regardless of where I may end up, I'll do that knowing that I have left my mark in history. Maybe not as a significant individual, but as being a part of something greater, being one of the first few to have been achieved the closest thing to immortality one can achieve.

I hope all of you readers enjoyed my writings, and I thank you for having encouraged me to keep writing, it has been a blast.



  1. I wish you a good life in whatever you have planned in the future.
    But know that through your actions and your blog, you have affected many. Your articles helped us to understand the Dust Merc life better. I personally enjoyed reading them, not to mention that you inspired me to finally set up my own newsblog.

    On a more personal note, I enjoyed the talks we had, being able to discuss a variety of subject in a mature manner is not as common as one would like in Eden.

    But I won't say farewell, life is long and the Eden cluster is unique, so perhaps we'll meet again in a new future, perhaps not. But whatever the case is, may fortune follow wherever you go.

  2. It pains me to see you leave, thanks for all your work and I hope I see you again, maybe with another face, who knows. You are an inspiration to many and I've talked to some of them in recent times.

    Good luck on the ground sir o7

    Pratya Yavati