Introduction pt. 2

And here is the second entry I made after I decided to continue making these diaries.

Entry #2
**The feed is turned on again, showing Denak now sitting on a chair behind a desk, wearing a lot more formal attire than the last time he was in front of the camera drone. He clears his throat a bit and straightens up his jacket, before speaking up**
It's been a while since my small diary about myself, 217 days exactly according to my NeoCom. A lot of things has been happening during these days, and I suppose I could go and explain at least most of it.
The most obvious one might be my suit, that's part reason due to us clone soldiers gaining access to our very own Intergalactic Summit, that'll be discussed later though. The reason why I'm wearing this is because I have set up an unofficial emissary for the Intaki people, explaining our habits and ways to the general clone soldier populace, and maybe clear up some misonceptions about our people. I even got a chance to talk to a fellow Intaki and speak our own tongue, it's been a while since I've last actually used it.
Anyway, the emissary is set up in a place called the Summit. No, not the one where people connect via holo, but an actual summit with rooms for people to set up their own emissaries to represent their corporations, nations, races or anything else. I find it quite refreshing to all the typing in the Galnet forum, both capsuleer and clone soldier versions. It was set up just a few weeks ago, and so far only my own unofficial and one PIE Inc. emissary has been set up here, I hope that more emissaries will come up, at least it will give me something to do when not fulfilling contracts.
Speaking of contracts, we have also gained a few new toys to use in ground combat, most notably new dropsuits and weapons, the scrambler rifle, plasma cannon and flaylock pistol. I've given a try to all these new weapons, and they are quite handy, there's also promise of getting a lot more weapons soon, wether or not that means a few months or a few years. We've also gained a few new dropsuits to fiddle with and some updates to my own. It caused a slight hassle at the start but I've adapted by now. And on top of that all, the Minmatar tribe Thukker opened Molden Heath for clone soldier corporations to conquer, which has been a major topic of discussions ever since its announcement a few months back.
As for personal developments, not much really has happened. I've gained new friends, lost old ones, all the while continuing to accept contracts and gain ISK steadily. One big thing is leaving my previous corporation though, just recently I had been accepted to the Intaki Liberation Front, since I Have recently regained my interest into my own planet's state, joining the ILF seemed like the best way to help the Intaki Assembly regions thrive again, if only in limited ways. I bid farewell to my old corporation Burgezz, I didn't really have the time to stick around and hear what others had to say since I was quickly removed from communications lists after announcing my leave, I hope they weren't too angered about it.
While the final processing of accepting me into the ILF are ongoing, I'll stop this here for now, I got other duties to perform, these logs might quickly be published into Galnet if all goes correctly with my application processing, maybe someone will end up hearing these logs after all.

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