Inward reflection.

Peace of mind.

I sort of mentioned about these things in my previous entry, but after some time spent as a capsuleer, I can finally notice the stark difference that is daily life as a clone soldier, versus the one I have now. Everything is so, detached, so remote from the depths of my ship. That may sound like a bad thing, but considering my background, I welcome this change fully.

When I was a clone soldier - a duster - most of my waking hours were spent in combat, and the ones out of combat I spent recovering from said combat. Training to live under a constant barrage of stress and adrenaline was pretty much mandatory. Nowadays I just...float. I let my mind wander to all sorts of places while I watch my ship peeling away at asteroids and occasionally discuss with the crew member I have working aboard. Just the mere idea of having subordinates, people who rely on me to support them and their families is a strange thing to me.

Perhaps now that I've had this clone for longer than any other in my entire career, I've had the chance to distanced myself from all the pain and stress and really reflect on the things I had done, both good and bad. I can still clearly remember doing a few, questionable thing while I was working with non-clone soldiers on contracts. I'll be telling more of these experiences I've had as time passes, but right now, I want to enjoy this tranquility.

ཟར༴ཐ٦ཡཐ༴ འཤན༴བ བ༴ཏ༴མ༴ར٦ ٦ནད༴བ٦ ༴འ٦٦ད ན٦བ༴༴ٲ 

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