Celebration Entry

So, I've been looking at the statistics of my blog quite a lot recently, and my blog has now reached over a 1000 views ever since its creation. I'm honestly happily surprised that my blog has reached this kind of popularity in just a few months, I have even received appreciation from a high-ranking CONCORD employee for this blog, which I am very glad for. Since it has been a while from the last entry, I decided that I would tell you readers a little about the reasons why I created this blog in the first place.

The first entries to this blog were created over half a year before the creation of this blog, when I was still a relatively green recruit within the clone soldier world. I had purchased myself a leisure clone just recently and was exploring my mercenary quarters in this new body. With this newfound body, I also got access to some equipment a normal clone soldier usually had a lot more difficulties acquire, one of them being a camera drone. I happened to be particularly bored for that day, so I decided to purchase myself a camera drone and started recording.

From there was created the first entry, which was a fairly lengthy and dull description of my past and how I ended up becoming a clone soldier in the first place. I never expected to release this to the public, and for a long time it stayed within the logs of my NeoCom for several months, since my corporation, BurgezzE.T.F was undergoing some major changes, and Molden Heath was just recently opened up for mercenaries to conquer.

A few months later, I had started to progress to the point in my mercenary career that I was pretty much just a pointless wanderer. I had no higher goal to strive for, my corporation's attempts at conquering a district in Molden Heath were less than successful and I just didn't care at all anymore. I thought that if I found myself a new corporation, I might find a purpose to what I am doing, and not just slog through each battle to get paid and be done with it. Soon enough I found the Intaki Liberation Front, when I was looking through the capsuleer Intergalactic Summit, a member of the ILF was talking something about the Ida faith.

I remember reading about the ILF before, but until now I had no interest at all in them. So after reading through this member's, Tiberius Wenchel's thread, I decided to check on the corporation, properly this time. It didn't take long before I decided that the ILF was at least worth the try, so I wrote up an application and was soon invited into an interview with the Suresha, Sakaane Eionell. That very old video entry I had made a few months ago I had published into a fairly unknown part of the GalNet, but our Suresha found it anyway, and mentioned that I could possibly convert it into an ILF blog. So I read through the pilots blogs other ILF members had created already, and after I was accepted into the ILF, I recorded another video entry.

I was still debating how I would create my blog, and I had concluded into a text format after my second video entry was done. So after about a week or two of tweaking my page, I made a transcript out of my video log entries and published them, and thus my blog was born.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you readers who have shown your interest on my blog and continue reading them. I was never intending this to be more than a personal leisure time project of mine, and it keeps me motivated when you keep reading my blog. I would also like to thank the Intaki Liberation Front and all of its members for giving a meaning to my mercenary career and supporting me throughout it, I am glad to have found such a corporation, and I am proud to be its member.

ཟར༴ཐ٦ཡཐ༴ འཤན༴བ བ༴ཏ༴མ༴ར٦ ٦ནད༴བ٦ ༴འ٦٦ད ན٦བ༴༴ٲ  


  1. Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your perspectives, as it helps me as capsuleer understand a clone-soldier much better.