Denak in his Scout G/1-series
Black Eagle dropsuit, from a time
when he was still active as a soldier.
Hello reader, welcome to the blog Thoughts of a Clone Soldier, formerly written and mainteined by Intaki Liberation Front clone soldier and mercenary Denak Kalamari. Thank you for your interest in this blog, although this blog is no longer being updated.

What was this place about? As the header says, this was the place where I wrote my thoughts about the New Eden universe, specifically about the lives of us mercenaries. This life has been largely gone undocumented, and little is known about our daily lives. So I had decided to write about this, what struggles we face on the battlefield, why we react to events how we react and the like.

When the time of the immortal soldiers has passed, there will still be records of it, and it is my wish that our legacy, whatever it will be, will be remembered long after everyone involved in it has moved on. This may have not been my original intention when I first began writing, but it is still something I had strived for, and will tried my best that our legacy will be remembered.

Since the final entry published here, I have bee on the run. All ties to my old contacts have been cut off, effectively dropping me off the radar entirely, as if I was never even there. While this blog is no longer being updated, it is my final hope that people will still read it, and get a small glimpse into what a clone soldier's life, and my life, was about.

Thank you, and farewell.

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